Week 15 colouring

This weeks colouring motivational quote from One Year Wiser – I am loving this book every week more and more. So from Mark Twain the American Author said to ‘Sail Away From The Safe Harbour. Catch The Trade Winds In Your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’

So I am no sailor but I did try out something new – I finally used my Spectrum Aqua Markers as Watercolours, this was my first time. I used the Primary and Floral pack- let me know what you think of the outcome.  Enjoy the week ahead.



Week 13 Colouring

Week 12 Colouring

Even More Colouring

Week 15 Planner Outlook

Week 15 #ShareASpreadSunday this is in the smallest/personal ban.do planner

This week I choose mainly a blue theme based on the British April Showers that we are having. I did not have a major washi overload – like I did last week.



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